Future Demographics 2050

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The year 2050 is the not too distant future. The world will most definitely be different than it is today. The question is, how will it change? How will people age, where will people work, and most importantly, how will people live?

The Wall Street Journal put together a beautiful page that dives deep into what our demographics will look like in the near future, the year 2050. Be sure to check out their article here!

Demographics In Real Estate

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Want to know who is in the market for real estate, or what factors played a role in the decision making process? The National Association of Realtors put out a report profiling different demographics factors in real estate. Get actionable insight for any address in the United States with

Ideal Business Location - Importance of Demographics

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When it comes to world of business, the competition is fierce. The competition may get harsher when markets become saturated. Competition is not just about making sales; the main goal of a business is to make profit. Ultimately, it all comes down to customers. Moreover, it is not just about having a huge amount of customers but the number of customers who are ready to refer you and make repeat purchases.

So, how do business organisations attract the right customers?