Data Types and Uses

Housing Data

Real estate agents, property investors and business owners can get a clear picture of key housing information from our reports, including:

  • Household Average Size — Average number of kids per household
  • Household Type — Single family home, apartment, condo, etc.
  • Average Age of Homes — Newer neighborhood or aging subdivisions
  • Mortgage Status — Is there many foreclosures or do people pay on time

Plus Many MORE Housing Data Points based on Address and Zip Code

Economic Data

Every single business — start-ups, small business and Fortune 500 — can benefit by knowing key economic demographics from our data reports, including:

  • Household Income — How much disposable income do they have for your products or services?
  • Travel Time to Work — A possible audience for radio ads or billboards?
  • Occupation — Blue collar or white collar workers

Plus Several MORE Data Sets for a Full View of Economic Activity by Address and Zip Code

Population Data 

To have a successful business, you must know your audience — your local population metrics — inside and out. Our thorough population data reports include:

  • Age — Is your market mostly college-aged, in their 30s, 40s, or 50s?
  • Sex — Learn which target markets are predominantly male or female
  • Race — Discover the ethnicity landscape of your area
  • Marital Status — Single, married or divorced

Including MORE Data Points for a Complete View of Today’s Current Population of an Address and Zip Code 

Whether you need our Housing, Economic or Population Data — or ALL 3 — you’ll discover our reports are the industry’s quickest to access, easiest to read and least expensive to purchase.

Our Data Comes Straight from Today’s Most Accurate and Current Provider of Data, The United States Census Bureau

American Community Survey, 2014 5-year estimates
2010 Decennial Census, Census 2010
American Community Survey, 2013 5-year estimates

Why not set your business up for success right now — Check out everything you get in our demographic data reports.