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Get your Real Estate Demographics Report!

One-time Report

Radii Single Report
$75 (ONE TIME)

  • Allows you to run a single report for any address in the United States
  • Customize the radii for data comparison around your address
  • Add your company logo and brand your reports
  • Upgrade to a monthly or annual subscription for unlimited reports

Our data comes straight from today's most accurate and current provider of data,

The United States Census Bureau.

Run a report for any address covering a 1, 3 or 5 mile radius!

All Real Estate Demographic Reports Include:

Housing Data

Real estate agents, property investors and business owners can get a clear picture of key housing information from our reports, including:

  • Household Average Size — Average number of kids per household
  • Househould Type — Single family home, apartment, condo, etc.
  • Average Age of Homes — Newer neighborhood or aging subdivisions
  • Mortgage Status — Is there many foreclosures or do people pay on time?

Plus Many MORE Housing Data Points based on Address and Zip Code

Economic Data

Every Realtor or home owner — can benefit by knowing key economic demographics from our data reports, including:

  • Household Income
  • Travel Time to Work
  • Occupation

Plus Several MORE Data Sets for a Full View of Economic Activity by Address and Zip Code

Population Data

To have a successful business, you must know your audience — your local population metrics — inside and out. Our thorough population data reports include:

  • Age — Is your market mostly college-aged, in their 30s, 40s or 50s?
  • Sex — Learn which target markets are predominantly male or female
  • Race — Discover the ethnicity landscape of your area
  • Marital Status — Single, Married or Divorced